E-Portfolio 2- Dynamic Compositions


In this project my goal was to use lines, symmetry and curves to achieve the elements of design.

Firstly, the focal point exists closer to the center of the photo where the curved “fingers” meet. The lines greatly help achieve this focal point. The visual flow also contributes to the focal point since the eyes are drawn towards to center of the photo as the flow continues. Repetition is quite clear because of the amount of lines used throughout the piece. I believe what could have been done to improve the artwork is the use of a tool that’d allow smoother curves, such as a protractor. Additionally, placing the photo on a larger bristol board backdrop would have given it a cleaner look.

This piece succeeds because it accomplishes many of the core elements of design.

Author: danielgardnerwpadmin

Welcome! This is a portal into my 2D-Design process for this fall 2016 semester. Join with me along my journey towards a more defined artistic sense of 2D Design.

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