This piece involved textures. The selection we chose in class gave the the following collection of themes to utilize- Squares, black tape and rhythm. Upon starting I had a clear idea of how I wanted to proceed with the project. In terms of a focal point and visual flow, both are present and achieved. The focal point exists where the lines are in the top left of the piece. Visual flow proceeds from bottom to top and this is where clear lines have proved to be an effective tool. I’ve noticed that where the design fails is from the way in which rhythm is not truly present and there’s a lack of differing values. However the piece succeeds in terms of achieving most of the elements of design. There’s a lack of professionalism because of the blemishes found in the top left and right side of the piece.

Author: danielgardnerwpadmin

Welcome! This is a portal into my 2D-Design process for this fall 2016 semester. Join with me along my journey towards a more defined artistic sense of 2D Design.

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